Friday, December 19, 2008

Anti-Semitism and obsessive philo-Semitism revealed

Deborah Lipstadt is shaking her head over the adventures of Bernard Madoff, a Jew who appears to have constructed a 50-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, in large part on the backs of Jews. Lipstadt is especially worried that Madoff will prove to be “an antisemite’s dream.” Lipstadt tells us that “Ha'aretz's Bradley (no relation) Burston says exactly what I have been thinking: Christmas came early for the worst of the antisemites this year.”

The article Lipstadt refers to is Burston’s “The Madoff betrayal: Life imitates anti-Semitism.” Here we find that anti-Semitism is the core of the Bernard Madoff story—if you are a Judeophile obsessed with Jews. Burston writes:

“For the true anti-Semite, Christmas came early this year. The anti-Semite's new Santa is Bernard Madoff. The answer to every Jew-hater's wish list [….] The beauty part, for the anti-Semite: Madoff's machinations, which could have been put to use for the sake of humanity, have directly harmed Jewish welfare and charity institutions. [….] He has managed to harm contemporary Jewry in ways anti-Semites could only dream about. [….] It remains to be seen how far we've come from the days of the frank Jew-hate and genteel anti-Semitism of the likes of Henry Ford and F. Scott Fitzgerald. [….] Bernard Madoff, you've made the days of uncounted devout Jew-haters. This year, all they want for Christmas, is you.”

So here we have it, anti-Semitism and obsessive philo-Semitism revealed, two sides of the same coin, each destructive, each needed to encourage the other.

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