Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The question of empathy

Dan wrote an interesting comment in response to my last post titled “If Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism, what are the rest of us responsible for?”

“ … it seems that most people i meet on the net who want to question the Holo C, and even I want answers, too, me who is Jewish, but what i see most often about people who want answers here are people who don't really seem to have much empathy...EMPATHY....not sympathy...but EMPATHY...for Jewish people … they seem to lack EMPATHY.....so i think the first step in addressing the real issues and stats of the Holo C is to develop EMPATHY for the Jews … first, develop EMPATHY...and then, yes, go and ask these important questions … First, develop EMPATHY....then go find the truth, yes....i support you.”

The question of empathy is an interesting one.

What I have found over the last twenty-five years is that with regard to the Holocaust story all the empathy in the press, on campus, in government, in Hollywood, is in fact flooded with empathy for Jews. No where do we find empathy for WWII Germans. Or for that matter any other WWII Europeans who are not Jews. With regard to Jews and Germans, Hollywood reflects, and in its way directs, empathy throughout American culture toward Jews, none toward Germans. There is so much empathy for Jews that what they say about German behavior during WWII is “always” believed, while there is so little empathy for Germans that nothing they say about their own behavior is believed, other than that which collaborates what Jews say.

Empathy is a human quality that most of us feel in real life toward others who are in distress. In the case of the Holocaust, empathy for Jews is orchestrated by the Holocaust Marketing Industry to exploit Jewish suffering for financial and political gain, while antipathy for Germans is exploited by the same folk for the same reasons. The Industry has been a resounding success, carried out with great energy, intelligence, and greed.

This is the primary reason why Holocaust revisionist arguments are so feared by those who are benefiting from the H. Marketing Industry. Revisionists are undercutting, with rational discourse and the forwarding of the concept of a free flow of ideas, an immense, multi-billion dollar scam based on fraud and falsehood, and enforced by taboo, censorship, and imprisonment.

I agree with Dan. A human life without empathy for others is somehow less than fully human. Empathy for Jews, empathy for Germans, empathy for all Europeans who suffered during WWII, and today especially empathy for Arabs living in what was once Palestine and is now occupied and being destroyed by those for whom so much empathy has been manufactrured.

Empathy is either a human quality shared by all, or a political one that is to be exploited for profit by those who have a special empathy for a special few, while the rest are told to eat it.


Anonymous said...

This Dan guy is funny. He sees a lack of empathy for Jews among gentiles even though "anti-Semitism" [i.e., telling the truth about Jews] no longer exists to any measurable degree - a testament to Jewish political power in the West, especially when you consider notorious Jewish behavioral traits such as hyper-racism and selfishness [1][2].

[1] http://wake-up-america.net/underestanding_jewish_influence%201.htm

[2] http://www.fpp.co.uk/History/antisemitism/Truman_onJews.html

Bradley R. Smith said...

It appears to be easier for many to address the issue of Jews than it is to address the issue of how the Holocaust story influences contemporary American, Western culture. CODOH, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, addresses the open debate on the Holocaust. Some Jews may have "notorious" character traits, but I find it more interesting to address the character traits of those of us who are not Jews. It's always easy to game the other fellow.

Here we are, those of us who are not Jews, academics, the media, our Congress, bowing our heads to the "notorious" character of others? For those of us who are not Jews, that is what should be notorious. Can we never get over it?

Let's try to put some attention, those of us who are not Jews, to stop complaining about Jews and turn to thinking about how to promote revisionist arguments, work that by and large Jews of notorious character are not going to facilitate themselves.