Saturday, January 3, 2009

For the Deborah Lipstadts, marketing is everything

The press is full of the story about how Herman Rosenblat, Holocaust survivor and author of a memoir he calls “Angel at the Fence” is a fraud and a liar. With regard to any number of Holocaust survivors—what’s new? It’s so old that it is not even particularly interesting to a revisionist. Another Holocaust survivor fraud. Ho hum.

In an article for The Forward Professor Deborah Lipstadt appears to be particularly upset that this story has come to light. With admirable character, she writes that there are a number of lessons to be learned from the Rosenblat fraud. One of them is that:

“Facts about the Holocaust must be checked.”

After fronting for the Holocaust Marketing Industry the last 20 years or so, Ms. Lipstadt has come around to deciding that “facts” about the Holocaust must be checked. Better late than never.

The truth is, from the beginning, Professor Lipstadt has been a Bystander with regard to checking facts about the Holocaust, and particularly facts about Holocaust survivor frauds such as Elie Wiesel, Filip Mueller, and Yankel Wiernik—to mention three out of an ark full. Google Elie Wiesel by name, followed by the word “fraud,” and see for yourself.

Deborah has had a couple decades to check the facts about some of Elie Wiesel’s claims—see where he forwards the stupidity that at Babi Yar dead Jews spouted geysers of blood from their grave for months after they were buried. She will never do it (surprise me, Deborah) because Wiesel’s fraud forwards the business of the Holocaust Marketing Industry, while those of Herman Rosenblat no longer will.

So Herman Rosenblat is a dead duck, while Elie Wiesel remains a shining peacock of Holocaust survivor authenticity. For ladies like Lipstadt facts, in truth, have nothing to do with it. Marketing is everything.

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