Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fresh (conventional if you read the literature) comments on Holocaust reignites controversy


A Father Floriano Abrahamowicz, head of the society in Treviso in northeast Italy, told a local paper "I know that gas chambers existed as a means to disinfect. But I cannot say for sure if they killed anyone, because I really haven't looked into it".

His remarks were widely reported in the Italian media. That is, that he has no opinion about that which he confesses he knows nothing. The height of sophistication and intellectual responsibility.

Father Abrahamowicz said that the fuss over Bishop Williamson's statements (saying that he believes the gas-chamber stories appear to be, in so many words, a load of crapola) “is being exploited against the Vatican. Williamson simply expressed his doubts. He did not deny the Holocaust, as the press has mistakenly said he did, he only gave a technical opinion on the gas chambers."

He added: "Had Monsignor Williamson denied the genocide of 1.2 million Armenians by the Turks I don't think the press would have reacted the same way".

This is pretty level-headed stuff.


She’s talking about Bishop Williamson here.

“ [ …. ] Williamson is speaking complete lies and nonsense and is making claims that are totally anti-historical. Simply put, this is not just an insult to Jews. It is an insult to truth and memory. It is an insult to intellect (something Pope Benedict values greatly). It is an insult to rational thought.”

This is the lady who can not give us the name of one person, with proof (one out of a million or so), who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. Yet she is absolutely committed to the proposition of the unique monstrosity of the Germans via their extermination of Jews in gas chambers.

Rational thought?


Elie Wiesel says that the Pope, by lifting the excommunication of the British-born cleric [Bishop Williamson], has given credence to "the most vulgar aspect of anti-Semitism".

"That a man who is a bishop and Holocaust denier - and today of course the most vulgar aspect of anti-Semitism is Holocaust denial - and for the Pope to go that far and do what he did, knowing what he knows, is disturbing," he told the Reuters news agency.

"One thing is clear: this move by the Pope surely will not help us fight anti-Semitism. Quite the opposite," he said.

Question: Does Elie Wiesel believe the recent assault on Gaza by Israeli Jews and their slaughter of hundreds of Arab children helped fight anti-Semitism, or helped promote it? We could do a poll throughout the Muslim world, and on the American campus.


German prosecutors are weighing whether to sue controversial reinstated Bishop Richard Williamson for hate crimes. If the German State is going to act with a good conscience, it must sue. How can it sue some who question the gas chambers and not all?

“Investigators are waiting for a full translation of Williamson's remarks from English into German before deciding how to proceed, Regensburg state Prosecutor Guenther Ruckdaeschel told JTA in a telephone interview Thursday.”

The full interview reportedly lasted six minutes. How long is this scholarly work going to take?

According to the JTA, Williamson's German attorney said the bishop is currently in his home country of Argentina. Argentina? Home country? First I’ve heard of it.


hANOVER fIST said...

The LIES regarding the "gas chambers" are promoting "anti-Semitism", if anything.

No one hate jews for being...people hate others for crimes that are committed, but are not owned by, the perpetrators.

The story of the gas chambers are a TOTAL FALSEHOOD.


Please don't ascribe some puerile motive to this statement.

That is like saying I hate you because my knees don't bend behind me.

Anonymous said...

These churchmen are doing something noble.
When I ask people about the holocaust it is clear that they have their doubts. People are afraid to look at web sites like codoh, they expect that their keystrokes will be tracked, their identities will be noted and their lives will be touched.
I'm sure that a million pairs of eyes have been lifted by this Bishop. I expect he will be crushed under an avalanche of character attacks but he is for this moment a beacon of freedom.