Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deborah Lipstadt and the art of the blowhard

Deborah Lipstadt’s blog, which is very professional, has links to her own posts regarding

“Holocaust Denial,”
“Holocaust Denial: Iranian,”
“Holocaust Denial: Making it Illegal,”
“Holocaust History,” and
“Holocaust: Use and Abuse of.”

She has no link/s to her own blog posts regarding “Gas chambers.”

Of course not. Blowing hard about “Holocaust” is a blowhard’s dream. “Holocaust” refers to a vast collection airy generalities, some true, some false. Gas chambers are material, physical structures. They can be examined. Their ruins can be examined. Their construction plans can be examined. The art of the Holocaust blowhard stops at the doorway to the “gas chambers.” No blowhard wants to discuss the murder weapon. Why would she? Look at how far these puckerwoods have come without establishing a murder weapon.


Dreamed I was in a hotel banquet room attending a function of some kind when William Buckley came in. He was very old, short, bent over, hump-backed, his face florid, his nose aquiline. He was at the end of it all, used a cane to hold himself up, but he was in high good spirits, smiling energetically and even laughing as he greeted those in the room, eager to enjoy himself and help those he greeted enjoy themselves. He didn’t look anything like William Buckley, and I don’t know how it was that I recognized him.

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