Wednesday, March 11, 2009

THE JAMBAR Mr. Smith is still waiting for an answer

I have been remiss in not following up with The Jambar at Youngstown State University. I think it worthwhile to begin to do it now, even though I am a couple weeks behind the curve. What the editorial staff has done here could be an example for student newspapers at American universities everywhere.

You will note when you go to the relevant pages at The Jambar that the paper does not agree that all revisionist arguments are right, or that any of them are right. It does not argue that my take on the significance of the Holocaust with regard to some matters in the Middle East are right or wrong. It only allows that the point of view of the ad is one that, while it is a minority point of view, it is not beyond the pale to make it.

And then there is the fact that when you look at the letters to the editor you will find that, while they exhibit a mix of views, some of those written by students are more independent and more thoughtful, in the real sense of that word, that those written by Youngstown faculty. One example is this one.


Letter to the editor: Feb. 17
Issue date: 2/17/09

Might I commend The Jambar for courageously standing up to outside pressure and going ahead with publishing Bradley Smith's ad. In today's politically correct world, defending a free market of ideas is increasingly becoming a revolutionary act. Both the Feb. 10 letters from Regional ADL Director Kochman and YSU's own Judaic & Holocaust Studies Advisory Committee call for self-imposed press restrictions in debate and speech on campus. Are these not two of the founding principles of higher education?

Both of their letters also engage in ad hominem attacks, repeatedly throwing around words like "Holocaust Denier" and "anti-Semite" without really proving either one. No where does Smith deny Jewish suffering under the Nazi regime. He merely asks for a name, with proof, of a person gassed at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Though calling Smith's point 'manifestly' and 'demonstrably' false, no name was provided in their letters' combined count of 500 words.

Mr. Smith is still waiting for an answer.

But instead of having a free debate as we can here, globally many people are being jailed for holding controversial beliefs and for questioning the 'Holocaust' story that we are so dogmati-cally taught. Such is the case of Germar Rudolf, a PhD-level educated chemist who now sits in a German prison for challenging the gassing claims at Auschwitz. What would make a highly edu-cated chemist doubt these gassings? The fact that there is no significant cyanide residue on the remains of the gas chambers, despite its presence around other buildings, and similar weathering conditions.

Say what? No poison gas touched the alleged gas chamber walls?

Even in the U.S., such groups as Ms. Kochman's ADL have engaged in a witch-hunt of gas chamber builder and expert Fred Leuchter. Ever since he publicly expressed doubt of the Auschwitz gassing claim, his career has been ruined by these ravenous organizations. Neither Mr. Smith nor I claim to have all the answers, and you should be suspect of anyone who claims to. But why is this the one issue not open for critical discussion? Can no one freely wonder why no documented person has been found to be gassed at Auschwitz? Why can no one be skeptical of the six million figure, when it was first announced six months before the end of WWII in Europe, without proper demographic study, and before Auschwitz was even liberated?

It is high time we study these issues.

Sean Patacky [Student]



curt maynard said...

Damn glad to see that some students are putting down their ipods, turning off MTV, and starting to pay attention to the reality of censorship in American academics!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith,

I notice that you attribute Patacky as a student.

The original letter to the editor ( does not note Patacky as such and my research shows no record of a Sean Patacky at Youngstown State or, indeed, anywhere else ( except that letter to the editor.

I wonder if you could share your information regarding Patacky's status as a student.

Gary Davenport,
President, History Club
Youngstown State University

Bradley R. Smith said...


As a matter of fact, I took it for granted he was a student at YSU. I have no information regarding Patacky's status as a student at YSU or anywhere else. I do not even know that Patacky is Patacky. Thanks for bringing this bit of carelessness on my part to my attention.

Do you plan to do the same with President Sweet's malicious charges where he fowards the accusataion that I am a deliberate and systematic liar--without even attempting to demonstrate that his charge is true?

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