Friday, April 10, 2009

Combating Holocaust denial far from complete according to Hillel rabbi

Rabbi Kenny Weiss, the executive director of Houston Hillel, agrees with the editor of The Daily Cougar at U Houston that the censorship of the ad asking for "One person, with proof," should be “applauded.”

“As members of the Houston and U of H Jewish communities, we should applaud The Daily Cougar for the well-written editorial that clearly, unequivocally and publicly places Holocaust denial in its proper context. Nonetheless, even a cursory reading of the online comments to the editorial tell us that our work in combating Holocaust denial is far from complete.”

Rabbi Weiss would probably applaud the fact that The Cougar subsequently deleted his “online comments to the editorial” as well. All of them. Censor this, censor that. Just the ticket for the Hillel rabbis. Is there one Hillel rabbi on any campus who would argue against such institutional censorship?

Germans are human beings. They intentionally killed innocent, unarmed Jews. Americans are human beings. We intentionally killed innocent, unarmed Germans and Japanese. It appears that talking up the killing of Jews can create a market for immense profits. There is no market whatever for talking up stories about killing Germans or Japanese, so we remain silent. We don’t worry about it. Follow the money. Follow the money.

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