Thursday, April 30, 2009

Humboldt State University, Update Number Two

Well, those who in fact have the final say as to what goes on at The Lumberjack have convinced the staff that Smith should no longer be allowed to post a reply to anything posted there and have apparently blocked our I.P. address. Here is the URL to the list of Letters to the Editor of the Lumberjack.

If you would like to reply to any of the letters, that would be nice. I would suggest, if I may, that you would reply with civility and some kind of empathy for those who are in the grip of a “true belief.” It can be devastating if you find what you deeply, sincerely believe is being challenged with what appears to be, might be, a sound argument.


Anonymous said...

Brad do you realy need names?I think that their are plenty of people buried at the site.You need to uncover some of the bodies and have a frorensics person do some lab tests on them.To see if they were gased.It has to be done leagaly now! Ok,ed by the Polish Government.Well its an Idea?H.S.U Student.

Anonymous said...

HSU student; That's sort of the point, all the bodies have apparently been disappeared (sort of a reverse miracle) and huge concrete covers have been laid over the some of the sites just to make sure that nobody gets clever and takes a look at whats down there. I just have trouble believing that millions of bodies are gone without a trace of evidence. I would love to be proved wrong because not believing causes all sorts of social problems and I want to believe.
The thing of it is that the harder I look the less I believe.
The authorities have not helped me very much in my quest. They apparently tortured the german witnesses and terrorized the entire country into silence. Anyone who disagrees is just tossed into that's a convincing argument isn't it?
Paving over the crime scenes with concrete...thats more Jimmy Hoffa than CSI isn't it?
If you research your idea a bit you will quickly see that it is all a conundrum wrapped in an enigma sealed in a vault with scores of billions of dollars fluttering all about. If you ask any questions you shall quickly see that even the most simple question is a horrible affront to people who "have already suffered too much". Yes "HSU Student" any qestions in this alternate reality of the "Holocaust" quickly lead straight down the rabbits hole. (not to mention to impoverishment, infamy and possible imprisionment)
Good luck with that,

Anonymous said...

H.S.U. Student:

Here is an analysis using publicly available information. Bear in mind that a million eye witnesses cannot refute one single scientific or forensic fact.

Israel, Poland, and Germany refute Holocaust!
Affirmers vindicated.

For decades the commemorative plaques at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland proclaimed that the number of Jews murdered in that camp was 4 million; consequently 2 million must have been murdered elsewhere to arrive at the historic figure of 6 million Jews gassed and cremated by the Nazis.

In 1990 the Polish government, after years of study and research concluded that the number of Jews murdered in Auschwitz had been exaggerated by the communists who had liberated this concentration camp, and that 1.5 million was a more realistic number. The commemorative plaques were replaced with new ones acknowledging this reduced estimate.

Subsequently this lower figure was further reduced to a generally accepted number of 1.1 million (as per Wikipidia) for a revised total claim of 3.1 million murdered Jews.

In 2002 the Israeli government is on record as stating that in the year 2000 about 1.1 million holocaust survivors were still alive.

In 2005 the German government is on record as stating that it was still paying compensation to about 1.5 million holocaust survivors.

The conflicting data from Israel and Germany may be averaged: (1.1 m + 1.5 m) / 2 = 1.3 million survivors in 2003, to establish a point half-way between the two data points. That puts the number of survivors at 1.3 million 58 years after liberation of the camps.

The American Journal of Public Health, Dec. 1949, pg 1582, published the mortality rates for various European countries, varying from a low of 8 per thousand to almost 15 per thousand population. Since the camp survivors had been subjected to deprivations, disease, starvation, physical abuse, freezing cold, medical experiments, etc. it is reasonable to conclude that the camp survivors as a group would have a mortality rate at least at the higher level of 15 per thousand, certainly not less or the claims of deprivations would then sound hollow.

The mortality rate of 15 per thousand may be applied as a multiplier to the Jewish survivor population as follows: P x .985**58 = 1.3 m, where P is the number of survivors in 1945, .985 is the multiplier for a mortality rate of 15 per thousand, meaning that 1000 people x .985 = (1000 - 15) = 985 people survive after one year. After 58 years the original population will have decreased by .985 raised to the 58th power, ie. .985 x .985 x .985 x .... for 58 terms. Then, solving the equation for P, and using the known information as published by the above governments, the calculation shows that: P = (1.3 m / .985**58) = (1.3 m / .416) = 3.124 million survivors in 1945, ie. slightly more than the number claimed as murdered.

As author and professor Norman Finkelstein so aptly put it in his book: "With all these holocaust survivors, who did the Nazis kill"? Now we know: NOT ONE, as affirmed by those questioning the veracity of the premise of the holocaust.

H.F. Wolff