Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good News from Germany

"The German soul, bruised and discredited by the Nazi era, has to a large degree been healed," said Eugen Buss, a sociology professor at the University of Hohenheim. "We're seeing a normalisation," said Buss, a consultant for the German Identity Foundation.

It is now no longer unusual to see the black, red and gold colours of the national flag now streaming from houses and flats the way Old Glory drapes from every other home in America. Politicians are even daring to discuss bringing back a bravery medal like the Iron Cross of old to honour servicemen abroad who currently have nothing to celebrate.

Germans have also begun treating the Nazi past as historically interesting instead of merely shameful. Interest in other periods of German history has also surged with bookshops reporting huge sales in books about Prussia, the Middle Ages and the Holy Roman Empire.

According to the Identity Foundation survey, Germans see themselves as a nation of poets and philosophers in the tradition of Goethe and Schiller, and having a strong liking for democracy.

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German Correspondent said...

Sorry to say this, but the "good news" is largely exaggerated. "Vergangenheitsbew├Ąltigung" is alive and kicking and the daily bread of politics; so are german guilt complexes.