Saturday, May 30, 2009

Michael Savage, Hero or Hypocrite?

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31 May 2009


Ellis Washington
The Report From Washington

I have read your interesting column "The Savage silence of the lambs," where you look into the reasons why “….virtually the entire conservative and liberal media so hardened their hearts and closed their bowels of compassion against this magnificent conservative intellectual, Michael Savage?"

You suggest that those other so-called conservative commentators are bought and paid for, that they all sing off the same sheet of music, that they are shameless hypocrites. I agree with you, but suggest that we put Michael Savage with those against whom he levels his ad hominem attacks.

Savage is protesting his being banned from Great Britain, a European country, solely because of his opinions. Has Savage ever talked about how in eleven countries in Europe, and in Israel, it is against the law to express an opinion about the German gas-chamber story that is not approved of by the State?

Has your hero, Dr. Savage, ever spoken out about European citizens being prosecuted and imprisoned in European countries for their opinions, or is his idealism with regard to free expression in Europe limited to Great Britain and only his own opinions?

There is a suggestion here of hypocrisy. Or is there not?

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