Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, I’m going to have to let the Holocaust-fraud deniers run with the ball the next couple days. Tomorrow morning my wife and I will have brunch at El Nido (The Nest) for Mother’s Day. Then we’ll go to one of the local nurseries and buy some plants. We do plants rather than flowers on Mother’s Day. In the afternoon she will have a grand child to take care of while I drive to the other side to the VA where I will stay overnight.

Monday morning I’ll do blood work at 8am, see my oncologist at 9.30, get the port in my chest irrigated at 10,30, then stop in radiology and have the knees x-rayed. Pretty good scheduling, eh? There’s no evidence that the cancer is coming back, but the knees have become a pain in more places than just the knees. And then day before yesterday the back went out for the second time in two weeks. First it’s one thing, then it’s something else.

If I had the swine flu I’d have something to complain about.

Meanwhile … be back here Monday night or Tuesday, the fates willing.


Larry Fafarman said...

ALERT -- Facebook has confirmed that two of the five targeted holocaust-denial sites have been completely disabled (i.e., there is not just restricted access as there was before).

I wonder -- how many people are going to spend the time to set up and contribute to a Facebook site on a controversial subject if there is a real risk that Facebook will arbitrarily delete the site in the future?

Anonymous said...

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