Thursday, May 7, 2009

Revisionism is a listless word

A reader writes:

Hi Bradley,

"Revisionism" is a listless word, isn't it? What does it really mean, eh? It reminds me of a tailor with a mouthful of pins, in a little shop in some poor neighborhood.

Some guy with a stubby piece of chalk in his hand, marking up a cheap suit. ... ah, I'll take the gas chambers outa here ... loosen it up, a little ... maybe leave a totalitarian dictatorship there ... could leave half-million homicides here ... we're all god's children ... so long as everybody's happy.

Maybe, if we used the right words for the right things, it would not always be one step forward and two steps backward.

What it is, is holocaust hoax exposure, isn't it? Not just something that could go either way, depending? Split the difference? No intention to offend, eh?

If it was ""Holocaust" hoax exposure", or ""Holocaust" hoax analysis," instead of "revisionism," you could call Deborah Lipstadt a ""Holocaust" hoax denier." It's what she is. Some kind of a denier. Details to be filled in, later. So the frustration would make her head explode, like an artillery round. All that work, inventing the word, "denier," and pasting it on to you, like smearing a booger. All of it for nothing.

Deborah Lipstadt should never be mentioned in print or speech as anything except "Holocaust" hoax denier Deborah Lipstadt.

It would start a destructive game of Whos on First. Now, are you a Holocaust denier, Bradley, or are you a "Holocaust" hoax denier? Or are you "Holocaust" hoax exposer Bradley Smith? Maybe, some days, you could be a "Holocaust" hoax analyst?

Every living "Holocaust" hoaxer and every living "Holocaust" hoax denier should always be identified as a "Holocaust" hoax denier. Dead "Holocaust" hoaxers and dead "Holocaust" hoax deniers should always be identified as "Holocaust" hoaxers or scammers, or some other kind of a "Holocaust" hoax shit heel, as soon as they slip beyond the reach of a get-well card.

No one could possibly complain, "Your honor, he says I deny that the "Holocaust" is a hoax." And no one could possibly complain, "Your honor, he says I'm a ""Holocaust" hoaxer."

Also, the word "Holocaust" is part of the sucking apparatus of a parasite. So It should always be used enclosed by sneer quotes, shouldn't it? Like so: In a tragic, four-car pile-up on New York City's Riverside Drive today, long-time "Holocaust" hoax denier Elie Weasel became a "Holocaust" hoaxer.



Larry Fafarman said...

IMO "hoax" is too extreme a term because we know that some things about official holocaust history are true. I prefer to call these folks "holocaust dogmatists." "Dogmatist" reflects the fact that they are intolerant of criticism.

>>>>>> Like so: In a tragic, four-car pile-up on New York City's Riverside Drive today, long-time "Holocaust" hoax denier Elie Weasel became a "Holocaust" hoaxer. <<<<<<

What is that about? Anyway, you won't win friends by speaking so ill of him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Fafarman. Hoax is too strong a term. Might I suggest "Holocaust Exaltationist"? It concedes that portions of the official account, however defined, are true, but that they have been exalted above all other accounts, both with respect to the Holocaust TM and your average run-of-the-mill holocaust perpetrated by the Good Guys (e.g., Churchill's and FDR's firebombing of the Teutonic people, Truman's nuking of the Japanese, and the terror-starvation of Ukrainian Christians by Jewish Bolsheviks). Indeed, the Zionist account of the Holocaust TM has now supplanted the Atoning Death and Resurrection of Christ as the organizing and animating Myth of Western Civilization--which goes a long way to explaining the accelerating decline of Western Civilization.