Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Eisenhower ad, Seeing things, and the question of blah-blah evidence

As of today the Eisenhower ad is running in three student newspapers. El Lobo at University of New Mexico, the University Chronicle at St Cloud University, and The Helmsman at University of Memphis. I’d like to keep track of any editorials or letters to the editor or any relevant news that might be published. If you can help monitor one or more of the papers I would appreciate it.


I’ll be to the other side today to see my primary care doctor, so pretty much out of touch. I have come to realize, it took me six weeks, to understand that I am being treated for serious pain issues and no one knows what’s wrong with me (not a straight line). In the first professional oversight that I am aware of with the VA the past year, I have found that while a cat-scan was taken of my pelvis and back, no report is available. So the cat-scan has been useless. Anyhow, something has to give. It can’t be me.

An additional downside to having an excruciating pain in the ass, not to mention the leg, is that I can’t sit on my wallet. So I carry the wallet inside my shirt. Two things happen. As I move around, the wallet itself gradually moves around behind me inside the shirt and sometimes when I need it I can’t find it and I experience a small shock over the heart. The other downside is that when I take down my pants to sit on the toilet the wallet falls out on the floor. One day it’s going to fall into the toilet and then I’m going to be really annoyed. I’ve got to get the back fixed, the pain fixed. Whatever the hell it is. This afternoon I’ll explain the danger my wallet is in to my primary care doctor so she understands the seriousness of my situation. The pain thing itself doesn’t appear to particularly worry her. This is week seven!!!


One night a week ago while I was watching television I saw a rat run from left to right across the kitchen floor. Interesting. Three, four nights ago watching television I saw a rat run across the kitchen floor from left to right. It was smaller and its image not quite so clear as the first rat. Last night I was watching television when I saw a very big moth, with a wing span of eight, ten inches, fly—I want to say “fly softly”—over the kitchen floor from left to right. It was soft brown in color. I know. You’re going to say that I’m watching too much television. I watch it very little. Charlie Rose before I go to bed. Sometimes he has an interesting guest.

Professors, like my friend Mark Oppenheimer, might take such sightings as evidence that I should not bother professional scholars with my question about the name, with proof, of one person killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. It is evidence, I admit that, but it is not proof. Which is the problem the professors have with the Auschwitz gas chambers. Mucho blah-blah evidence by “eyewitnesses,” no proof.

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