Saturday, June 27, 2009

Subject: Wacko Jacko

Eric Blair writes:

Re Michael Jackson, you wrote:

“His private life was a mess but I just accepted that. What can I compare it to? If only we knew how the inner life of an Elie Wiesel functions, or a Charles Manson, would we find anything less strange? With Jackson, it just all hung out there.”

You’re onto something here. I’ve more than once read the near-identical news item in which some male judge will book a hotel suite, get glammed up in female attire, get drunk, and then meander down the hallways, startling the other hotel guests.

The 1972 film The Ruling Class and Genet’s play The Balcony explore this nether side of the judgeship, when one’s usual austere top-down persona is tossed aside for another one, for the sake of a degrading, masochistic ritual.

Did I mention that Jean Genet, like Monsieur Celine, was also a Holocaust revisionist? You're in good company!


Chip said...

Jean Genet was a Holocaust revisionist?

EyeSore said...

The preface to Robert Faurisson's 4-volume Ecrits revisionnistes (1974 - 1998) is entitled In Memoriam. In it, Faurisson salutes revisionism's forerunners, including Rassinier, Celine, Bardeche, Duprat - and Genet. In a footnote at the bottom of the first page we find the following (my translation):

Jean Genet didn't believe in a genocide of the
Jews; he even saw it as a hoax. For him, "the Jewish people [ ... ] compelled a belief in a genocide," and the State of Israel exhibits the behaviour of a "lunatic among nations". (Quatre heures a Chatila; the passages censored by La Revue d'etudes palestiniennes appear in L'Ennemi declare, Paris, Gallimard, 1991, p. 408, note 30).

Chip said...

This is fascinating. Thanks.

I love The Theif's Journal, by the way.