Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Addicted to suffering, to the avoidance of suffering, to the exploitation of suffering

I’m not posting to my Blog here. Eric Blair is taking care of business. We are still in process of splitting the Blog into two parts. Technically it is already in two parts, but I am not using the second part. My web guy tells me I will have a draft of the new page this evening. It’s 10pm.

And then the brain has been elsewhere. Where? Still have an issue with the pain meds on the one hand, and not being able to sleep on the other, the two together making me more torpid than is usual with me. I think I’m finished, for the moment, with this post. I see no real reason to even post it.

I’m going to close down here. I told Irene that I am going to quit the computer every night at 10pm and do the other stuff around here that needs doing. Throwing away stuff, getting rid of books. The local Red Cross will take the books for its thrift shop. And then there’s all the paperwork I have saved. Got to get rid of most of it. And then there’s the ordering of supplements from Standard Process. It’s best to do that via telephone, but they have banker’s hours back there. Maybe tomorrow.

We revisionists may question professors about gas chambers, about Dwight D. Eisenhower’s peculiar, self-serving memory, we may drive the professorial class and Jewish elites crazy, but really we live very ordinary lives. We live in neighborhoods where some malcontent is poisoning the dogs, nine dead dogs in ours this month, but so far no kids have eaten the poisoned salchichas thrown into neighborhood driveways and yards and life goes on.

I wonder about those men who spend their days contemplating heaven and hell, the big issues. The brain was wandering around there for a moment, trying to identify a couple such men. It went to St. Augustine then it went blank. When it came back to this life thought suggested that I turn to George Orwell, his biography, which I have around here someplace. I am not certain Orwell ever thought much about heaven or hell either one. So why did the brain come up with his name? That in itself is a big issue. How memory works. Addicted to suffering, to the avoidance of suffering, to the exploitation of suffering.

And there you have the predicament of the professorial class, the Jewish elites. Addicted to the Holocaust. Addicted to the avoidance of discovering what did not happen during the Holocaust. Addicted to the exploitation of the Holocaust to further their own desire/s.

Merely human.

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Bella Lou Ghostly said...

You mention a biography of George Orwell (pen name of Eric Blair). I remember reading a statement from him post world war 2 where he said he didn't think there were any gas chambers. Maybe you can use this.