Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alan Dershowitz: A 4-letter quality of mind

Setting: Los Angeles, the Fall of 1995.

Following his summation in defense of O.J. Simpson, lawyer Johnnie Cochran is denounced by Fred Goldman before the assembled press corps; Goldman is the father of Ron Goldman, whom O.J. is accused of having murdered, along with his wife, blonde and beautiful Nicole Brown Simpson.

Goldman is livid with rage. Reason: Among other objectionable statements, Cochran managed, with monumental incongruity, to weave in a reference to the Holocaust in his summation, implicitly aligning his client with the Jewish victims of the Nazis. A visibly very angry Goldman tears into Cochran, calling him "a whore!"

Out on the street, gathered in front of the courthouse, staging an anti-O.J. protest, is a motley crew of Jewish Defense Leaguers, led by the vociferous Irv Rubin. The JDL are there to lend moral support to the Goldman family, who is Jewish.

In a further racking up of tension, Johnnie Cochran has hired bodyguards drawn from the membership of Minister Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, a sect by now notorious for its alleged anti-Semitism. Among the legal eagles on O.J.'s "Dream Team" is Harvard law professor and public intellectual, Alan Dershowitz.

Naturally, 'Dersh' is deeply unhappy with his colleague's decision to enlist the protection of the Black Muslim firm of bodyguards.

Back home, in the Boston area, members of the congregation in the synagogue the Harvard prof attends are deeply unhappy with their co-religionist for defending a man accused of viciously murdering a young Jew. They will be even more unhappy with 'Dersh' once O.J. is acquitted and 'walks'.

Professor Dershowitz will subsequently appear TV talk shows of the Geraldo Rivera ilk and deliver a series of teary, sniveling, self-pitying monologues wherein he inventories the abusive treatment he's received at the hands of fellow Jews for defending O.J. and helping the NFL football legend beat the murder rap.

January 7, 2009.

Professor Alan Dershowitz is a guest on the Charles Adler Show, a radio phone-in program heard in many markets on the Corus Radio Network across Central and Western Canada. He does not stay long. Perhaps one segment lasting 12 minutes or so. But it affords him enough time to conduct a drive-by smear against former U. S. President Jimmy Carter and legendary Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk.

Dershowitz calls Fisk "a neo-Nazi." Listening in, I'm thinking: 'Whoa! Mr Harvard with his polka-dot bow-tie has really dumped his dishes with that one!' To be sure, it's a telltale sign the man is in a truly desperate state of mind to be so moved to have to dredge up such vile and undeserved ad hominem attacks. His calling Robert Fisk 'a neo-Nazi', after Fisk devoted several chapters of his magnum opus Pity the Nation to documenting the Nazi Holocaust, using all the standard sources and respected references, tells us a lot about Professor Dershowitz and his 4-letter quality of mind.

I make a note of the comment and send host Charles Adler an e-mail concerning the "neo-Nazi" smear, and a second to an academic who I know has Fisk's ear. Later that evening, I receive a reply from the academic, who assures me he forwarded my message to Fisk.

Fisk is no friend of Holocaust revisionists; in the past, he's torn a strip off historian David Irving; he's written movingly of the suffering Jews endured in their wartime ordeal.

No matter.

With a kind of serpentine hissing - the sound he emits makes it easy to picture 'Dersh' frothing with dark venom and drooling bile - the Harvard academic denounced the famous British war correspondent as 'a neo-Nazi.'

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