Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gas Chambers: The Ignored Reality by Yale University Professor Timothy Snyder

July 16, 2009

Holocaust: The Ignored Reality by Yale historian Timothy Snyder is in the 16 July issue of The New York Review of Books. Below is the one reference to gas chambers in the 4,600-word article. I see, however, that Professor Snyder has found a sophisticated way to spell Belzec. At least for folk like me. Maybe it’s a typo.

Two thirds of the Jews who would be killed during the war were already dead by the end of 1942. The main victims, the Polish and Soviet Jews, had been killed by bullets fired over death pits or by carbon monoxide from internal combustion engines pumped into gas chambers at Treblinka, Be zec, and Sobibor in occupied Poland.

And all the fuss about Auschwitz the last half century?

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