Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have been convinced that I need to make a few changes here.

One change.

I am willing to confess that revisionist materials, the Campus Campaign and serious related stories are one thing, while my "confessions" are another. They are not, but with regard to organizing the materials here, they will be treated as such from here on out. The new page, the thing itself, will come about in a few days.

I have been convinced that serious guys like professors and professional journalists may not always want to read stories about locals having their heads cut off with chain saws, the author faking freak-outs in the hospital to amuse his wife, or visions of little rats running across the kitchen floor.

In reality I do not know why they would not be interested in that sort of thing, particularly from a Holocaust revisionist, but if they do want it they will be able to get there quick, as will all the rest of you.

Thanking you for your patience here I am,


Bradley Smith

Or as my wife as it, Gordito.


pclaudel said...

I, for one, regret your decision to change the site's format. The things you have chosen to disclose about yourself are as revealing of your character as your more overtly Holocaustocentric comments and posts are. What they reveal, obviously, is that you are a decent, compassionate, and intelligent man.

There is one aspect of your writings and online correspondence that has long struck me as unusual--very pleasantly so, that is--and I hope you will forgive me for touching upon it. I have been reading your stuff for ten or a dozen years now. I am sure I am not the only person who has noticed that--though you have never been shy about describing yourself as atheist or agnostic--you treat attitudes, comments, and principles based on profound religious conviction with unfailing respect. Your respect tends to be especially evident when you strongly disagree with those attitudes, comments, or principles!

Speaking as one whose religion is Traditional Roman Catholicism, I must thank you for this gentlemanly courtesy, not least because it is a commodity in exceedingly short supply today.

I am sure that, like me, you have on occasion found yourself recommending the work of some writer or thinker to a friend or acquaintance with a limited disclaimer to the effect that the nourishing wheat on offer is mixed in with a heck of a lot of chaff. Happily, I have never felt the need to hedge my bets in the slightest when I point to you as someone capable of informing and enlightening.

May you do so for many years to come!

Gurfinkle said...

Two things ...

1. I don't think you need to change the format, the integration of personal life with political is unique, I think, and in your particular case, a good, and not a bad, idea.

2. You do need a page that summarizes the 'One Person' campaign. I suggest a brief discussion of the question and the idea behind it. Then a succinct history of what has happened, where the ad was published and refused, and perhaps a compilation of the various rejection notes and responses from editors and academics. seeing all these evasions in one place should be fun.