Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Iowa State University, a letter to the editor

While James Gaunt is willing to write about many things, including Buchenwald, Ohrdruf, bad smells, a high-school teacher, how Eisenhower and Patton (allegedly) vomited on a roadside, he is unwilling to address the question I asked. Why?

Re Eisenhower’s delicate stomach: did the General vomit when he toured Hamburg or Dresden where American and British air roasted and burned alive tens of thousands of innocent children, babies, their mothers and grand parents? Burning children alive is okay so long as they are German? Give me a break with the vomiting stories.

The gas chamber stories were institutionalized at Nuremberg primarily by the Americans using Soviet (Stalinist) evidence. If you doubt that the American Government would be willing to use manufactured evidence about weapons of mass destruction (gas chambers), think back a few short years when Colin Powel, representing the American Government, gave us his presentation before the UN General Assembly about the existence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Now there was something to turn the stomach.

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Eric Blair said...

Here's a good interview between Scott Horton and Dr Daniel Ellsberg about how the Johnson administration - and especially Secretary Robert McNamara - lied America into fighting an unnecessary war in SE Asia. Click on:

Secretary Powell ringing the alarm bell at the UN in '03 over Saddam's non-existenent WMDs was just one in a big list of bait-and-switch deceivers hellbent on dragging the USA into yet another destructive and expensive and unnecessary war.