Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why I ask the questions I ask

Well, I was only horsing around when I wrote here that I had reservations about getting a left-knee injection because the last time I did it led to my learning that I had cancer. So yesterday morning I was at the VA and got my left-knee injection and at a later appointment with dermatology the doctor (a Chinese of course) informed me that I have a squamas cell carcinoma on the right temple. It’s a skin thing. She wasn’t very exercised over it.

“We should do a biopsy,” she said. “Are you up for it?”

“Can you do it now?” I didn’t want to have to make an appointment.

“Yes,” she said and called a nurse. They have a special room in dermatology where they just do biopsies. There wasn’t much to it. An injection of an anesthetic in the side of the head, followed by a little sawing and a small bandage. They’ll call me in a week or so once the results are in and have been considered. And there’s an appointment in 30 days or so.

Doctor Han told me that this would not make the same kind of trouble for me as the lymphoma did. Squamas cell carcinoma doesn’t often spread. I won’t need chemotherapy or radiation. Nothing dramatic will happen.

“Good,” I said. “That last cancer was a real bother.”

Doctor Han was busy with her paper work and didn’t have time to horse around.

Now the folk who front for Holocaust Inc. at Harvard and other intellectual centers around the nation will be able to use this information to suggest a reason for my asking the questions I ask. “That's what you do when you have head cancer. It drives you to ask hateful questions."

I can see the logic there.

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