Thursday, October 22, 2009

A hole in the head, but nothing dangerous

I might as well get it behind me, without boring you. It was a month ago today that I wrote here that I have cancer again, specifically a squamous cell carcinoma on the right temple. It’s a form of skin cancer, not so dangerous as melanoma if you catch it in time. Anyhow, Monday last, the 19th, I was in for surgery and Dr. Erick Mafong cut it out with an electric scalpel of some kind. It was rather painless. The procedure, including the waiting between surgery sessions for test results, was four hours.

The hole Mafong cut was an inch and a quarter, inch and a half in diameter. The size surprised me. There wasn’t much blood, though some did run down into the right ear and that was a bother. Mafong said the cancer had not reached the bone. “Not close,” he said. Which was what most concerned me. Then there was the skin being pulled up and down, 30 stitches, instructions for my wife on how to clean and dress the wound, and then for the rest of the afternoon and evening there was the headache and the feeling ga-ga but needing to run some errands. We made it back down to the house just as the sun disappeared.

And so it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I went earlier. I,m in Japan so easy to see a doc, just around the corner. He took one look, felt it and said it was nothing (a soft dark spot on my pec). Cancer is a nuisance. I read about Susan Summers travails at earlier.