Sunday, November 1, 2009

My first YouTube video shoot

Well, we have “produced” the first two videos for YouTube. It was supposed to be one video but the home telephone rang in the middle of the shoot, I could have just answered it, but decided to cut and return to the process a moment later. So there are two 4-minute segments, each trying to introduce myself via a new project to a largely new audience. It's pretty messy, but we’ll see how it goes.

I was surprised even at the time about how foggy I was about the Eisenhower ad. No reason, other than that we were talking about YouTube for weeks, working out the technology for it—we had some problems with the computer we are using—we sort of did it yesterday morning without any real planning. I just decided it was time to stop talking about it and do it. In twenty minutes we were set up and the camera was rolling and Hernandez was laughing. You can talk forever about doing something. I’m as guilty of it as most others.

Memory recalls Sam Konkin. A friend from my romance with 1970s and 80s libertarians and their ideals regarding intellectual freedom that had touched my heartstrings. A few years into the 1990s, maybe earlier, the party people had won out over all the rest, I was into revisionism, and the party hacks, as party hacks will do everywhere, chose to distance themselves from revisionist arguments regarding the Holocaust story. It was a different story in the 70s and 80s.

Anyhow, Sam used to say, “It’s better to get it done than to get it right.” That can’t always be the way it should be, but sometimes it can be. That’s how it was for me yesterday. Now I have my toe in the water. I actually feel encouraged. We’ll see what comes of it.

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Valdemir said...

I saw the two videos. They were good and I believe you will get more relaxed for the next shootings. A curiosity: What is that banner on your chair?
I am posting these comments from Brazil. I don´t know whether you know any people from Brazil.
Please continue with your videos.