Sunday, January 31, 2010

Robert Faurisson in Teheran, the Victories of Revisionism

This is a note and link originating from a French source:

In December 2006, Jacques Chirac, French president at the time, made it known that he was asking for an investigation into Professor Faurisson's participation in the "Holocaust" conference recently held in Tehran. That investigation was immediately opened by the minister of Justice, with a Paris magistrate being put in charge. In 2007 and 2009 the Professor was subjected to arrest and brief detention at the Vichy police station, as well as two searches of his house. On both occasions he refused to talk, and the police found none of the things they were looking for. However, a new detention and house search (with five armed policemen) remain possible at any moment. As a result the living conditions of the Professor and his wife, who is a heart patient, are distressful.

The Professor's Tehran paper -- "The Victories of Revisionism" -- is henceforth available here

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unique, repetitive, wrong

I’m not terribly happy with the last video I did, “One Unique Aspect to the Jewish Holocaust Story.” Difficult to say exactly why, but maybe the reason is encapsulated in the last words recorded there: “I hope I have not been too repetitive.”

There was an over-kill quality to the text, which was not really a text but an unrehearsed monologue based on notes. Too many “Simons,” too many “liars,” too many “Rabbi Marvin Hiers.’ And so on.

Also, I have been informed that the African genocide that I referred to did not take place in Uganda, but in Rwanda. Correction acknowledged. Thank you. I’m glad I didn’t claim to have been there on the ground as well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Extermination of Kurt Vonnegut

Our more-literary readers will remember Kurt Vonnegut as the author of the 1970s, with blockbuster novels such as God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater and Cat's Cradle. And perhaps biggest of all (it was made into a movie), Slaughterhouse-Five, based on Vonnegut's experience of the firebombing of Dresden, which he underwent as a prisoner of war of the Germans.

Ostensibly because of graphic and detailed depictions of sex and obscenity, Slaughterhouse is Number 67 on the American Library Association's list of the hundred most-banned books in American history. But in his forthcoming "Attempted Literary Analysis" of the reports of homicidal gassing in the Holocaust, The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes, Samuel Crowell adduces another occasion for banning the book: Vonnegut describes in some detail his own "extermination" (search the book for "naked Americans").

Of course, Vonnegut wasn't exterminated - like the other POWs, he was deloused, in a mysterious, frightening, humiliating and painful procedure that started with being stripped naked and herded into a large shower room, while the POWs' clothing was sent to the gas chambers, where, Vonnegut writes, "fleas and lice died by the billions."

The resemblance of the procedure, particularly as viewed by those undergoing it, to the testimony of the amazingly many who seem somehow to have survived the famous homicidal procedures of the "extermination camps" is such that, if I were defending the regnant Holocaust mythology, I would ban this book in a New York second.

You can pre-order The Gas Chamber on Amazon. It's due out in August. I predict rapid banning.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti, Race, and Army Boxing

18 January 2010. ( 7:54 minutes) Catastrophe is oftentimes beyond the embrace of the human heart. Race may not be entirely beyond the reach of human temperament. Boxing can be fun.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Anne Frank House

15 January 2010. (5:06 minutes)
David McCalden tours the Anne Frank House as a True Believer, exits it as a skeptic.
Where are the floor plans to the House?
See The Anne Frank House
Robert Faurisson analysis of the House and its surroundings.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On deviding and conquering one's self

Well, I said I was back but I wasn’t really back. Family issues, the holidays, maybe too much work on the horizon, the work divided into too many separate projects. In the YouTube video last week I talked about listening to Michael Savage talking about how Obama is destroying the nation and then talking about getting a haircut and me realizing that I had separated my own getting-a-haircut stories from my work questioning the Holocaust death cult. It was based on a sound rational, but it was not right for me. Extra work, and I was not doing it, could not do it, and had to stop trying to do it.

Today I posted a note on The Holocaust Question Today announcing that I was finished with it. Apologies to those who were helping me with it, apologies to that modest group of readers who were interested in it. But the folk who were helping me there will help me here, and there are several new writers on the horizon.

When I first suggested to the handful of folk who help me with CODODH that I thought I should integrate The Holocaust Question Today blog back into this blog, everyone of them agreed. That rather surprised me. Widmann was one of those who agreed because, as he wrote: “… you have divided and conquered yourself.”


I have got to do what I can really do. I had the good sense to get off Twitter after a very few days. I have not gone to Face Book, though I have been advised that I should. I have the Campus Project to forward, which may be taking yet another new turn. I have the YouTube work. I have a concept for radio that I might try to work out as it would use very little of my time—aside from the interviews themselves. In any event, with Widmann’s help, I have matured. I realize that I cannot continue to divide and conquer myself.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Michael Savage: Role Model for Smith?

January 07, 2010. Smith is reminded by Savage that inwardly we are not compartmentalized, but are all of a piece.
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True Stories about a Holocaust Revisionist are here: See especially: "The Daring Young Man Meets William Saroyan."

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