Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti, Race, and Army Boxing

18 January 2010. ( 7:54 minutes) Catastrophe is oftentimes beyond the embrace of the human heart. Race may not be entirely beyond the reach of human temperament. Boxing can be fun.
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Anonymous said...

A paradoxical thought occurred to me while listening to this coffee talk. Bradley Smith understood the Holocaust for what it is - a hoax. But it seems that he does not recognize any of many other hoaxes, schemes, scams, and lies invented and promoted by the Jews, like money schemes, globalism, race mixing, egalitarianism, feminism, communism, pushing for homosexuality etc. It is hard to believe Bradley Smith never heard of all those isms or that it didn't occur to him who might be the driving force behind all of it. But, strangely enough, he doesn't seem to realize, or at least attribute much of importance to any of them except for the Holocaust hoax when, in fact, the Holocaust is probably the least destructive of all those schemes - if only for the simple fact that the Holocaust is a relatively recent tool in scheme-toolbox of the Jews.

The thought that occurred to me was this: What would Bradley Smith do with his time if tomorrow Elie Wiesel and Steve Spielberg came out and admitted that, yes, the Holocaust was a hoax. That would be the end of Bradley Smith's life. So, paradoxically, Bradley Smith should be thankful to the Jews for having the Holocaust to talk about and feel good about talking about it.

Anonymous said...

You damn right, Bradley, racism is still here (watch the video and read the comments):

Obama Heckled

But you think that racism is bad, and I think racism is natural and as such cannot be eradicated by the Jew or by anybody else - that's where we differ.