Friday, January 8, 2010

Michael Savage: Role Model for Smith?

January 07, 2010. Smith is reminded by Savage that inwardly we are not compartmentalized, but are all of a piece.
Smith's Blog is here:
True Stories about a Holocaust Revisionist are here: See especially: "The Daring Young Man Meets William Saroyan."

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Chip said...

It makes sense that you would take to Savage over the other radio blowhards. He's the best storyteller -- the most human, really -- and once you get past the bluster and showmanship, something of a beatnik. It comes out when he goes on about commonplace affairs. Sandwich shops, old memories, new haircuts. There's a cool cadence in his monologues and the kind of instant familiarity that only a writer can pull off. Reminds me of your stuff.