Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unique, repetitive, wrong

I’m not terribly happy with the last video I did, “One Unique Aspect to the Jewish Holocaust Story.” Difficult to say exactly why, but maybe the reason is encapsulated in the last words recorded there: “I hope I have not been too repetitive.”

There was an over-kill quality to the text, which was not really a text but an unrehearsed monologue based on notes. Too many “Simons,” too many “liars,” too many “Rabbi Marvin Hiers.’ And so on.

Also, I have been informed that the African genocide that I referred to did not take place in Uganda, but in Rwanda. Correction acknowledged. Thank you. I’m glad I didn’t claim to have been there on the ground as well.

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Gurfinkle said...

Repetitive and wrong? Don't worry about the details, it was a great video because it informed me of the objections the Jews had to Jerry Buzek speaking at Auschwitz. Too much ! Now, if you want to understand the basis of their objection, see This is a classic, rabbi Friedman explains the four types of being, vegetable, animal, human, and Jew, and how the Jew can relate to the lower forms !