Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Conspiracy Theories!

This article from the Ludwig von Mises Institute Web site reports the appointment to an innocuous-sounding post with the federal government of Cass Sunstein, a former colleague of Barack Obama's at the University of Chicago Law School who published a paper two years ago about how "the government" should go about quashing conspiracy theories.

Some conspiracy theories, of course, are intensely inconvenient to governments everywhere, while other conspiracy theories are vital to the maintenance of the powers they constantly seek over the citizenry.

Yes, the mainstream account of the Holocaust is, in fact, a conspiracy theory - a truly unbelievable one that has for decades been drummed into the heads of billions now inhabiting the richest countries in the world. And, of course, throwing into jail those impertinent enough to voice disbelief in any aspect of the conspiracy theory.

Sunstein will no doubt busy himself with quashing revisionism of all kinds, including that concerning the Holocaust, itself frequently dismissed as a "conspiracy theory." Of course, it's the conspiracy theories that are true that are the most dangerous!

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