Friday, February 19, 2010

Indoctrinate U:

Just when you thought campus brainwashing couldn't get any worse

So what happens when political correctness goes too far? Someone makes a feature-length documentary about it, that's what. And in this case that doc is the much-talked about 2007 film Indoctrinate U, written and directed by Evan Coyne Maloney, who also stars in it Michael Moore-style (albeit with one critical difference said a reviewer at The Weekly Standard: "[Maloney's] got the on-screen dexterity of a Michael Moore, only with integrity").

Indoctrinate U closely examines repressive and widespread ideological conformism on American university and college campuses, a slowly moving storm of censorship that has created "a campus culture in which speech codes rule the day; in which free inquiry has been replaced with prescribed, politically correct values; and in which students are taught not how to think, but what to think."

Smith says: Looks like a film you might want to look at.

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pclaudel said...

What are the odds, Mr. Smith, that the Weekly Standard would ever have a kind word to say about a movie where the definition of PC speech was extended to include speech inquiring into any aspect of the Holocaust™? My strong suspicion is that this flick will embody one more neocon simulation of an interest in liberty, not an expression of the genuine article.