Wednesday, February 24, 2010

University of Wisconsin, Smith's Report, and Blanche Debois

Did a new YouTube video this morning, a few words directed to the staff of the Badger Herald, U Wisconsin-Madison, encouraging them to stand steady if there is any pressure applied to the paper to remove the Text Link advertisement that is running there on every page of every issue of The Badger for the next couple months.

The link reads: “The Holocaust Question THE POWER OF TABOO”

I had to use makeup before we filmed. There’s some stuff on my nose that the dermatologists at the VA want to get rid of, I'm applying medication to it, and the organ is all broken out. This has happened before with my face. For some reason, when I’m putting on the makeup thought recalls Blanche in Streetcar Named Desire, the old Marlon Brando film version. Don’t ask. I don’t even recall a scene in the film where Blanche is fixing her face. Must be there. Now, a couple hours later, I find that the YouTube upload did not work and we have to take another run at it. Well have it up as soon as we can. Maybe this afternoon.

The hard copy of issue 169 of Smith’s Report went into the USPO system Saturday afternoon, and by Tuesday morning it was already reaching subscribers in the Mid-West. Issue 169 is not online yet because my guy who does that work has moved his office and is a couple days behind the curve. Soon. A day or two.

And so it goes.

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