Friday, March 26, 2010

Doubt as an infringement of moral law

This story from the Wisconsin Jewish Journal is a rehash of the tragedy that occurred at UW when the student newspaper, the Badger Herald, ran a seven-word advertisement from CODOH that read: “The Holocaust Question, The Power of Taboo.” Ms. Langer is a sophomore at UW-Madison double majoring in theater and journalism. She writes on campus for the Daily Cardinal and the Hillel magazine, The Voice.

Professor Lew Friedland, who teaches something resembling journalism at UW, is quoted by Langer as saying: “The Herald has acted with reckless disregard toward the campus community as a whole and toward the Jewish community in particular .... They do not understand that the First Amendment is not a shield from moral responsibility, and that, indeed, given their right not to publish, they are effectively certifying ads as presenting views that are worthy of presentation, i.e. within the pale of reasonable debate."

"It is an amoral response, hiding behind a poorly constructed understanding of the First Amendment.”

In short, suggesting that there are questions that remain to be asked about the Holocaust narrative, and that taboo is used to forbid such questions being asked, doubt itself has become an infringement of moral law. These statements by Friedland were published online by something at UW resembling a center for “Journalism Ethics.”

Ya think?

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Gurfinkle said...

You need to create a website that chronicles his whole affair, with links (and you should copy the originals for reference in they disappear) to the videos of meetings and articles published.

The holocaust is the raison d'etre for Israel, and Israel is the raison d'etre for the Middle East unrest that threatens to erupt into WW III.

And the holocaust is taboo on campus. It is absolutely unbelievable. It needs to be documented.