Thursday, March 4, 2010

Legislating the Truth

More than 12 US states, and many other countries, have laws on the books requiring the teaching (as history, I suppose) of a traditional (6 million, gas chambers, intentional) version of the Holocaust.

Over on the science side, states have had laws regulating the teaching of human evolution at least since the famous Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee. These laws have morphed into "inclusive" laws nowadays, mandating the teaching of "both" views of the subject. Today's New York Times reports that opponents of global-warming alarmism are getting laws passed requiring teaching "both" sides of that issue (starting in science, but spreading rapidly, I should think, into political science, economics, and other behavioral areas).

As this risible outgrowth of the interference of government in what is called education expands, one can't resist wondering when "Both Sides Now" may make its appearance back on the history side as, may I suggest, a historical approach to all the "war crimes" (prosecuted and otherwise) of twentieth-century wars, the genocides, the origins of the stories, the evidence supporting them and their competitors, and so on.

The rolling of this snowball could be very interesting!

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Gurfinkle said...

Holohoax education is mandated by state law in Florida, in all grades, starting in KINDERGARTEN. The USHMM maintains a web page showing the laws in all states. See for the details.