Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Note from the USHMM on the Catastrophe Taking Place at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has entered the fray at UW-Madison.

It's not enough that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith with its $50-million-plus annual budget stands against a free press with regard to the Holocaust question.

Not enough that ADL and Hillel: the Foundation for Jewish Life on Campus organized at 500 campuses, have together published a 10,000-word document and made it available to student newspapers across America -- a document titled "Fighting Holocaust Denial in Student Newspapers."

Nope. Not enough.

Now the USHMM with its own $50-million dollar annual budget, much of which is subsidized by American taxpayers, has found it necessary to join the struggle. Talk about David and the Goliaths, eh?

Where does the collective panic of the Goliaths originate? In the threat of a free exchange of ideas with regard to the Holocaust question? What else is at stake? Only the continued use of the Holocaust narrative to morally legitimate the argument against a free press, to morally legitimate what is increasingly viewed as "immoral" Israeli State policies against Palestinian Arabs.

A marraige made in the Zionist heaven.

Here is the Note from a Director of the USHMM, Sara J. Bloomfield.


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

A Note From the Director

I am writing to alert you to a deplorable ad campaign currently running on the Web site of a major U.S. university student newspaper. Paid for by a Holocaust denial group, the ad links to a hate-filled Web site designed to manipulate young minds.

These days it’s easy and cheap to propagate hate: the ad cost a mere $75 to run for 30 days. We cannot afford to be silent in the face of such offensive and dangerous rhetoric. Please help the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum continue to disseminate the truth about the Holocaust by making a generous gift today.

While we can’t stop haters, we can minimize their impact. But we need your help.

Spreading hate and lies is cheap: it cost only $75 for one Holocaust denial group to reach tens of thousands of students. Today, I ask you to take a stand against those who spread such venom by making a $75 gift of your own.
While their $75 goes to promoting antisemitism and hate, your $75 will combat denial by preserving and presenting the truth. Please support this vital work.


Sara J. Bloomfield


Derrick said...

This really is a joke, Bradley, but a sick one.

It is absolutely incredible that such a fuss has been made over a little three line ad! The students can have pornography pushed at them all the time but no access to a site asking for an "open debate" -- "truth" must be propped up at all costs!

Anonymous said...

I belive Sara J got it all wrong. Hate and truth is two different things. If A happened and I tell everyone I meet that A happened, then I´m only telling the truth.
Then what do I hate? Well, I hate fried liver or kidnay. I just can´t eat it. I hate that.
But I love the truth, and the truth is love. A society based on lies will always be a lying society.

Larry Fafarman said...

The newspaper's board of directors' reaction is political correctness run amok. The board had a golden opportunity to support freedom of expression, and blew it. The board members should be ashamed of themselves.

The ad made no incitement to anti-Semitism and is not responsible for threatening or hateful anti-Semitic comments that were made in response to the ad.

It is obvious that the biggest purpose of condemning holocaust denial/revisionism as anti-Semitic is to attempt to suppress debate on the subject.

My own view of the holocaust is that whereas there was persecution of Jews and atrocities were committed against Jews, a "systematic" Jewish holocaust was impractical because the Nazis had no objective and reliable way(s) of identifying Jews and non-Jews. What is anti-Semitic about that viewpoint?

If the newspaper receives financial support from the university, which is a public university, I think that you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the newspaper for declaring refusal to publish the ad in the future.

Anonymous said...

"What is anti-Semitic about that viewpoint?"

Because it's not true, runs contrary to vast amounts of historical evidence, and oppresses the lived experiences of the millions of Jews murdered during the Holocaust.