Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smith chats with Director of the USHMM


Anonymous said...

Why does the USHMM still show a replica of a common Air Raid Shelter door and claim that it was the door to a gas chamber?

Anonymous said...

In relation to museums showcasing replicas, reconstructions and ordinary objects and passing them off as proofs of genocide; check out this Yad Vashem YouTube video of a Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz telling her personal story. Note the footage/imagery at approximately 0:30 when she talks about her mother being taken into the Birkenau gas chambers -

Andrei said...

Dear Mr. Smith,

I find your site intellectually stimulation. Would you be so kind as to answer these questions below?

1. What do you think about the story about Reserve Battalion 101 and its participation in mass murder activities in Poland. Isn't that extermination?
2. What do you think about the activity of the Einzatsgruppen in occupied Soviet territory (there are photos of mass graves sent by German soldiers back home).
3. If the Holocaust survivors' testimonies are false or "embelished" where did their relatives disappear? many mention the famous selections on the ramp. If selected people did not go to the gas chambers where were they taken, because they clearly died?
4. What do you think about ghettos, for instance the diary of Dawid Sierakowiak who died in the Lodz ghetto and claimed that the children, the old, and the weak were selected for deportation (to Chelmno)? A similar scenario can be seen in the Warsaw ghetto, where Adam Cherniakow committed suicide when faced with this moral dilema.
5. Why hundreds of testimonies tell the same story about extermination? Are all of them lying or speculationg based on what they've heard later?
6. Why were Germans so anxious and thorough in locating all Jews? For instance after occupying Hungary in 1944 the immediately started the operation of deporting them to Auschwitz?