Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too busy to write

I’m too busy to write. Been that way for a long time. I don’t mean here, but my own stuff. Calls for a small change in how I schedule my evenings. Like this evening. Instead of going out walking at 7, 7.30, I left the house at 5.30pm. Now here I am, back in my chair at the keyboard, it’s hardly 8pm and I’m still awake. I have time, the house is quiet, but the mind is blank. It’s got nothing to say. Mexicans don’t say the mind is blank. They say it’s “white.” Nice image. I think I’ve said that before. I repeat things.

The story at U Wisconsin-Madison is over. With all the fuss among students, faculty and administration, not one person addressed either of the two questions inferred by the ad: “The Holocaust Question, The Power of Taboo.” The two most influential voices to condemn the ad and to condemn me for placing it were both ladies. Biddy Martin, Chancellor of UW, and Sara Bloomfield, director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Speaking of ladies, thought turned to the suffragette movement when my mother was a teenager. Don’t ask. No idea why. I see no reason why ladies should not be able to vote, they are no dumber than the rest of us. But what good has it done? They got the vote in 1920 and the sleaze of the State continued to grow as it had before 1920. To what we have today. Empire abroad, wars without end, and endless bureaucratic corruption in the homeland. The ladies have made no difference, which is too bad. Because it’s perfectly clear that men don’t know how to take care of things themselves.

Ladies are necessary. My own is out of house for two weeks visiting family and friends in the village in Nayarit where she grew up. It’s not the same without her. It’s not as good.

And now thought recalls, speaking of ladies, that I have yet to put a headstone on my mother’s grave. It’s been maybe eight years. When you watch thought performing like this you get an intimation of how difficult it is to rule, with or without the vote, be you man or woman, thoughtfully.

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