Saturday, March 6, 2010

U Wisconsin: Ethics, Journalism and Sensitivity: Initial debate

Ethics, Journalism and Sensitivity: Initial debate from The Badger Herald on Vimeo.

This video, produced on 04 March, is the full hour examining the academic defense of the taboo that protects Holocaust orthodoxy from a free exchange of ideas on the U Wisconsin campus. We will keep in mind that only those who profit from taboo defend it. Or?

Also -- I have not had time to watch this video. I would like to know if after all the complaint if anyone here addresses one thing that I have ever written or said and points out where it is wrong. I have not had time to watch the video that follows. I would like to ask the same question about what goes on there.

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Gurfinkle said...

I watched it. One prof said he got daily emails from you? Only the panel spoke. Smathers and the women defended the decision to publish and the rest of the panel attacked it. The taboo against discussing the holocaust prevented any discussion of the holocaust itself, of course. Your ad was characterized as 'releasing a virus' on campus. Smathers attacked and actually defended CODOH. View him as your friend. All agreed that 'new policies' need to be formulated.