Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on the Zundel Release !

From Ingrid Rimland Zundel

March 2, 2010

Update on the Zundel Release !

To all –

It’s now been 28 hours since that first phone call from Lady Renouf that Ernst was safely in her car and being whisked away – and I have yet to receive even one negative comment via e-mail from our heckling enemies!

Overwhelmingly, people all over the world are congratulating Ernst for having stood the course and having stuck to his own principles for Truth in History.

Markus Haverkamp, well-known to many, who reported from inside the Zundel Heresy Trial in Mannheim in 2007, did a brief write-up for alternative media:

This Monday morning, March 1st 2010, Ernst Zundel was released from Mannheim prison after a total of seven years in gaol. Prior to his release the state prosecutor Grossmann had informed the tabloid Bild Zeitung of his release details, whether to proliferate himself, or whether to tempt left-wingers [to cause] trouble - who knows. [Ernst Zundel’s] release details had also been made public by the nationalist news magazine Zuerst.

We thus had no idea what was going to be in store for us when we arrived outside the prison shortly before 08.00. In all ca. 30 people arrived to greet Ernst back to public life, amongst them his heroic lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller who, though in his mid-eighties, made the arduous trip from Vienna, one of [Ernst’s] sisters, Richard Edmonds, Michèle Renouf, a few friends from France, Günter Deckert and others. Had he been released on a Friday afternoon, there would have been a far greater turn-out, that's certain. There was only one journalist present, a chap from AP press.

[After we] waited in the chilly weather for over twenty minutes, Ernst was released at 08.15. He looked well, physically stout and strong, and very well fed indeed, wearing a lumberjack shirt and jeans. Ernst proceeded to greet each of us in person. To my shame I must admit that I greeted Ernst with the words: "Herr Zündel, it's great to have you back in freedom" to which he replied, visibly shocked: "You must be joking!" i.e. what freedom?

Next Ernst gave the AP chap a brief interview, the contents of which I was unable to make out.

After half an hour we proceeded to a restaurant that had opened this day specifically for us. Here people sat down, enjoyed a coffee and had a chat, the only person unable to get a rest being Ernst who everybody wanted to speak with. Many of us (Germans) had hoped that Ernst would be willing to give lectures on ecological farming some time in the future, and we were thrilled to find that Ernst is excited about this idea (after all there is more to be rectified in the western world than merely the Holocaust story).

After the lunch that followed, the party began to disperse. We all wish Ernst and Ingrid the best of luck and good fortune, and look forward to meeting up with Ernst soon. More.

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