Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching up with Smith's Report, YouTube, and Inconvenient History

I’m here for awhile, I’m gone for awhile. A very sick child is my excuse for the last ten days and longer. There is the work, and there is the family, and oftentimes the twain does cross. Anyhow, the worst is over and I’m back to work.

Issue 172 of Smith’s Report has been uploaded so you can read it online. The hardcopy edition is with the printer and will go out in maybe four days, about the 27th. I’m working on the next issue of SR now.

We’re still working on producing segments of my talk at Cal State Fullerton for YouTube. Tomorrow we will upload the third. The production values of the filmed talk itself are not very good. We recognize that. They will get better -- after we buy a new camera and some lighting equipment. About a thousand, twelve hundred dollars I suppose. Any thoughts?

One thing that I have not yet noted anywhere is that as the event at CSUF was winding down I realized how much I liked being there in the room with the students and the professors. I was actually enjoying myself.

As with everything else, I am behind the curve with fulfilling orders for the bound, Volume One of Inconvenient History. Please cut me some slack here. We’ll be on it tomorrow.

Too distracted by events to work the last couple weeks, I distracted myself from one distraction to another. In the evenings with reading Inventing Western Civilization by Thomas C. Patterson. I suppose the core idea of the book is that the concept of civilization is one created by the ruling class for the benefit of the ruling class and over the last three centuries the benefit of the State, which was created in turn by the ruling class. I have marked the book and will review it shortly. The one thing that is certain is that human behavior remains what it was before the invention of civilization. This is all kind of obvious I suppose. Reminds me of how Chomsky speaks routinely of America as a “criminal" state.

Last night I turned to reading Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford, who I am pleased to announce is a short-order cook who lives in Riverside, a town near Fullerton. A working man. Like yours truly, more or less. I have a small fantasy of stopping off one day when I’m on the other side to chat him up.

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Hope we can do that someday!...jim