Thursday, May 20, 2010

How Far Is It from Nuremberg to Guantanamo?

From the place where the victorious Allies of World War II legitimized their genocidal depredations on the heart of Europe to the Caribbean limbo to which the US consigned the bought-and-paid-for "perpetrators" of 9/11 - how far could that be?

Not far at all, in the geography of victors' justice that governs in such matters, it turns out. This article on the Future of Freedom Foundation's Web site amply details the organized (and well financed) frauds on which the rounding-up of "guilty parties" is based that supports the government's claims to have apprehended those who it says have caused concern to the peace-loving taxpayers of America.

The taxpayers of America do indeed love peace, but unfortunately, those taxes they pay foster not peace, but war, and the threats to peaceful existence that war portends. At Guantanamo, one may readily see repeated those depredations against the truth that have supported wars ever since wars (including all of America's) began.

It's all there - and readily recognizable to those familiar with the record and having even a minimal ability to recognize patterns - coercion of witnesses, incarceration for indefinite periods (eight years?), hearsay "evidence," a national agenda of revenge, and so on. Viewed from the perspective of history, it's a tedious repetition indeed, and that's for a mere observer, to say nothing of its victims.

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