Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Anatomy of a Survival

As a 14-year-old "closet" Jew in 1944 Budapest, George Soros avoided the inconvenience of being deported with his coreligionists, as hundreds of thousands of them reportedly were in that year. In fact, in the matter of confiscating the property of these unfortunates, the (already) enterprising youth managed to reposition himself to the other side of the transaction and help out in the looting, in doing so perhaps anticipating the sort of activity in which he assumed truly gigantic proportions in later life.

Somehow, despite these deportations and the genocide that some say was the purpose and result of them, Hungarian Jews extensively populated the governing class of Hungary in the Communist regime that ruled the country immediately after the War.

If Soros had boarded the trains with those of his kind, the chances are that, like most of them, he would have returned to his native land after the War, to join the Communist nomenklatura. Poorer, perhaps, than he turned out to be in reality, but perhaps also wiser.

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