Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are You a Corpser?

The Canadian National Post reports that during a press conference in Toronto Salmon Rushdie and Elie Wiesel disagreed on matters of intellectual freedom. When Rushdie was questioned about censorship issues he said it is “ … inappropriate to think of any system of ideas as something that should be protected from debate."

Wiesel agrees to a point. He says the sole exception should be Holocaust denial, which “must be banned.” He says: "I don't want to touch the First Amendment.” At the same time, when he focuses on the "pain, humiliation and agonies" of the children of Holocaust survivors “I accept that freedom of speech in this case should be against the law.”

It is not reported on how Wiesel would think to criminalize holocaust denial without “touching” the First Amendment. Who is there who will ask him? The old fraud has created a universe.

I was to the other side yesterday (California--nothing exotic) to keep an appointment at the Veterans’ Hospital in La Jolla. Nothing big, a shot of steroids in the left knee so that I can walk on the Boulevard in the evenings. The VA is another expression of the “big guys” getting something right once in a while. Looks like they cured me of the lymphoma blood cancer. They ground out (literally) a carcinoma from the right temple, and last month cut off another from the right ear. I was thinking about that stuff yesterday because it appears there is a carcinoma budding on the left ear now. It’s still very small and I decided to not begin to get into it yet. But I was thinking about it as I returned south to Baja, taking care of this and that along the way.

And then last night I had an interesting dream. Maybe the dream is related to what was on my mind after the VA. Don’t know. In the old days the dreams were beautifully expansive, nowadays they are no more interesting than a stick in the dirt. This morning was neither.

Off and on my attention is drawn to the conspiracy theories around the events of
9/11. How much elaborate information there is available, so much of it appearing to present real questions about the downing of the towers themselves and how many professional engineers are contributing to the discussion. The word “Truthers” has become part of our vocabulary related to 9/11. Truthers want the truth to be revealed about the attack itself, and about those ostensibly behind the attack.


Okay. This morning I dreamed I was in a small office, there was a lady behind a desk and she had a few questions to ask me. The first question was:

“Are you a corpser?”

And that was the whole of the dream. What the hell is a “corpser”? We have the “Truthers,” and now we are about to have the “Corpsers”?

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Fooled Once said...

"Birthers" are those who argue that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii, and so is ineligible under the Constitution to hold the office he holds.

The Consti-what?