Monday, June 21, 2010

The death of the Holocaust

In the aftermath of the Gaza Flotilla debacle, Uri Averny writes that nobody in Israel seems to have noticed until now “the death of the Holocaust.”

“In all the tumult this affair has caused throughout the world, the Holocaust was not even mentioned.”

“For two generations, our foreign policy used the Holocaust as its main instrument. The bad conscience of the world determined its attitude towards Israel. The (justified) guilty feelings – either for atrocities committed or for looking the other way – caused Europe and America to treat Israel differently than any other nation – from nuclear armaments to the settlements. All criticism of our governments’ actions was branded automatically as anti-Semitism and silenced.”

“But time does its work. New tragedies have blunted the world’s senses. For a new generation, the Holocaust is a thing of the remote past, a chapter of history. The sense of guilt has disappeared in all countries, except Germany. … the Israeli public is shocked to see that the Holocaust has lost its power as a political instrument. Our most valuable weapon has become blunt.”

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Anonymous said...

It should be the death of the religion of the Holocaust, because if there's tons of professors and revisionists trying to explain why so many informations by the "official stories" are false, then we can, at this point, consider this big event as questionable. In this case, the way we were told how the Holocaust existed actually never did in that way. If there's a death, then something was alive. And "this" Holocaust never did.

Jews died, yes, but not six million.