Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Norman Rockwell Painting

A strange reaction from the audience at Cal State Fullerton to the wind-up of the talk on 06 May, which reminds him of the Norman Rockwell paintings.

View this video here


Yury Pereira said...

Mr. Bradley, I had decided to not post here anymore. But, after read your book "Break his bones", I found you have some screws out of your brain. You are a nice guy.
Allow me to critique the way you conduct to your speeches.
They are boring, and you speak always in the same tone of voice, soft and calm. You lack the use of stuffs like videos, photos, interactive materials, etc.
Your speeches are good to take a good sleep.
If you want people to buy and get involved in what you want, it is necessary to change the way you talk to them.
Be more dramatic, try to interact with your audience, let them see videos, photos. Change the tone of your voice from time to time. Start walking toward the people, Select some of them to give to all some words, etc. Ask some questions directly to some of them.
This can make this youth to get involved, this is the way they like.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bradley Smith,

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Knowing this and having seen the obvious lies that are being told to us by the news media,on a daily basis, I have become quite skeptical about the entire "Official History".

Out of pure curiosity, I have a Question for you and the Revisionist community. It is the following:

I have heard quite a lot about the Horrible crimes committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during the Second World War. I have also heard of such crimes committed by the North Korea and North Vietnam against the South Korea and South Vietnam in the years after the Second world War.

Is there any truth to those stories about the Japanese killing and tutoring the Chinese during the second world war?

Are any of the stories we have heard about the Korean and the Vietnam wars true?

You appear to be a smart truthful and trustworthy individual. Your answer would certainly be far more accurate and closer to the truth than the history that I have read in my History books.

Anonymous (for obvious reasons)