Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Palestinians are Doing it all Wrong

This is the opening of the script I used to shoot a YouTube video on 17 June. You can view the video here.


I want to say up front that I’m aware of the fact that what I understand about any matter is always a lot less than what I do not understand.

Which leads me, oddly enough, to the Gaza Flotilla story.

First, I want to read a couple three paragraphs of an opinion piece I wrote in 2001 titled The Palestinians are Doing it All Wrong. It was during a time of much fighting between Palestinians and Israelis, much brutality. I argued then that it might be well if Palestinians were to replace suicide bombings and mortar attacks with some kind of non-violent action.

I wrote:

"Everyone with a heart in his breast sympathizes with the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli power, influence and brutality.

"The courageous, self-sacrificing young Palestinians who volunteer to make bombs of themselves to kill Israelis are celebrated as heroes by Palestinians. In a traditional sense they are. Once upon a time we had a man ourselves who regretted that he had but one life to give for his country.

"Those young Palestinians who are willing to die as human bombs would certainly be willing to risk their lives – and that is what it would amount to – by just marching, just sitting down, just saying no to the deliberate killing of civilians, no to the initiation of violence, and no to their own inner rage."

Today then, as I noted above, we have the Gaza Flotilla story. We all know the outline of the story.

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