Sunday, June 27, 2010

When stones nod their heads in agreement

The left eye is seeing an arc of black and white rectangular images to its own left. With the glasses or without. The brain identifies an arc of dominos. Distracting. Makes it difficult to see. How in hell can the brain focus when the eye is focused on a domino arc?

Finished the new template for Smith’s Report. Many delays. We have been using a Topica template carrying two links. The new template has nine links—they go all over CODOH. Lots of setbacks, time and so on, but we scheduled the first send for noon today and it’s out. The hope, as with all this work, is that it will bring more people to CODOH, and with them a handful of new contributors. We need them. We used a weak subject line. Live and learn. Sometimes.

Mucho noise and chaos in the casa, what with the daughter, the wife, the two grandkids, the brother-in-law who is sawing and hammering, the animals, the birds—all of it. I allow myself to be distracted. Swamped with email. I allow myself to be distracted with the email. Face Book makes new demands. Hernandez is taking care of most of that. Still, the distraction. Working on the new CODOH page dealing with what might be some identity issues with Elie Wiesel. Carolyn Yeager will take care of that. Still, the work, it all adds up.

Yu-Lan relates an anecdote about a 5th-Century sage who was so brilliant that when he spoke even the stones beside him nodded their heads in agreement. I like these anecdotal inventions. They mean more to me than Buddhism. In the end, maybe the anecdotes themselves are Buddhism. My sense of things is that there is nothing grand inside here, nothing grand out there. I’m not suggesting that both are not immense, only that they don't “mean” anything. The intellectuals, the big-brains of every stripe, want to reach the stars, investigate the origin of the cosmos. Science is all the rage. Except when it comes to relationship. Never mind that within relationship is the place where all the horror originates.

Received a special notice from Google: “Google Alert cancelled. Your Google Alert [ Yad Vashem Holocaust Denial ] has been cancelled. You will not receive Google Alert emails on this topic.”

When I go to my Google moderation page I find that all my alerts are gone, other than one to Michael Savage. All of them. A couple months back the director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Sara J. Bloomfield, took the time to refer to me in a pitch for funds for her Museum. Now Google is going to the trouble of interfering with my keeping up to date with what’s going on at Yad Vashem and any other page related to revisionism.

The USHMM, Yad Vashem, and now Google. Hundreds of millions of dollars out there with those folk. Who am I?

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Fooled Once said...

Try putting the alerts back in, and let us know what happens.