Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Friend, Tom Usher

I don't know if this is the first time Pastor Usher of the Real Liberal Christian Church has poked his head up above the trench, but if so, he may be surprised (haven't we all?) by the fire he draws for coming out in favor of not only spurned anti-Israel speaker Gilad Atzmon, but in ever-so-gentle a way, Holocaust revisionism, or at least everyone's right to engage in it without harassment.

The cancellation of Atzmon's scheduled talk in Rochester yesterday is news, and the value of the news is greatly amplified by Usher's linked (what's left of it) research on the nature and origins of the pressure that brought about the cancellation.

As Usher experiences the fallout from this fearless position he's taking, he'll be reminded - perhaps more than reminded - of the flak he has undoubtedly taken in his foursquare stand against every form of homosexuality and against capitalism. That's right - he's evidently a communist-with-a-small-c.

People have all kinds of reasons for standing up to oppression and threats, and thank God for that!

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