Friday, July 2, 2010

Both Sides, Now

You don't look for the just-appointed Head Warrior of NATO's Forces of Justice to play both sides against the middle, but this post on the estimable site Mondoweiss displays in its full, weasel-worded complexity the switcho-changeo game undertaken by General David Petraeus with famed pro-Israel Commentary columnist Max Boot.

If it weren't so two-faced, if it didn't involve such a senior administration official, the pathetic passages of this purloined exchange would be funny. As it is, it offers clear, incontrovertible evidence of the terrible fix the United States is in with its fraudulent, failed wars, the foreign subversion driving America's involvement in those wars, and complicity of all the government's senior officials with agents of that foreign power in the never-ending, duplicitous effort to curry favor with Zionism while fooling the American people into supposing that their interests are somehow being advanced.

It's all verbatim - the accidentally leaked e-mails, the Congressional (written) testimony. Turn off the music, get a cup of coffee, and enjoy the twists and turns of our leaders in peace and war.

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