Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smith proposes that he be invited to participate in Holocaust Conference at Trinity College, Dublin

Ruairi Quinn TD, Chairperson
Holocaust Educational Trust of Ireland,
Clifton House, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Telephone: + 353-1-669 0593

14 October 2010

Dr. Quinn:

Greetings from California:

I would like to attend and participate in the International Conference on Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial, sponsored by HETI, to take place at Trinity College on November 18th and 19th. I am a Revisionist and Founder of Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH). We are particularly concerned with issues of intellectual freedom and free speech.

When I read the Conference Program and the proposed speakers on the topic of “Denial” it appears, if past comments are a reasonable guide, that much misinformation about Revisionists and revisionist arguments will be presented at the Conference. Some of those who will speak have actually condoned and/or supported the imprisonment of anyone who expresses doubt in public about particular aspects of the orthodox history of the Holocaust. Because what is termed “Denial” is a charge that can lead to up to twenty years in prison, and because writers like myself are one of the subjects of this Conference, I believe it would be appropriate, and useful, that those who attend actually hear from a “Denier.”

I was a speaker at the 2006 Iranian International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust and could provide some insight relative to Professor Litvak’s paper on Antisemitism in Iran and Holocaust Denial. Perhaps I could deliver a short paper in a manner that does not distract from your main program, or participate in a discussion panel.

Although it is standard practice to defame Revisionists as “anti-Semites who claim the Holocaust is just Jewish propaganda,” that is not what we at CODOH argue. Briefly, we believe that much of the history that we are taught today has been influenced by Soviet, British and American wartime propaganda which exaggerated and exploited real tragedies for propaganda purposes. This concerns not just Jews but Slavs, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses and, in some versions, Gays. It can be argued that there is considerable research that supports this point of view. It is inconceivable to me that I, or anyone, should be threatened with prison for stating in public that I doubt what I doubt.

The one-sided presentation of anti-Revisionist Conferences like this one have lead to Draconian laws against “Denial” that go against fundamental ideals of the university in the West. I would like to speak in support of the necessity, in a free society, of a free exchange of ideas in an environment of good will from the perspective of a Holocaust “Denier.”

Thank you for your consideration of this inquiry. I await your response.


Bradley R. Smith, Founder
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH)
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, California
Telephone: 209 682 5327
Cell: 619 203 3151


Anonymous said...

get it bradly. call up phil donahue too

Anonymous said...

"Although it is standard practice to defame Revisionists as “anti-Semites who claim the Holocaust is just Jewish propaganda,” that is not what we at CODOH argue."

Unfortunately, it is just what many revisionist supporters (as opposed to the actual historians) do argue. You have only to look at postings on the Codoh forum. This makes it all too easy for opponents to dodge the actual arguments and resort to ad hominem.

Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable to me Brad. But don't hold your breath.

David said...

Excellent letter, Mr. Smith.

A conference about "Deniers"
and not one Denier invited.