Sunday, October 3, 2010

UC SAN DIEGO. Administration and The Guardian agree

We are informed that the editorial staff of The Guardian has decided to not run our ad promoting “Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist.” My understanding is that the ad is refused because the content of the book is one UCSD administration does not want UCSD students exposed to, and that The Guardian staff agrees with its administration.

On 22 September I write Angela Chen, Editor in Chief of The Guardian, copying the letter to two of her editorial associates. I ask what there is in Confessions that the administration believes would be harmful to students. Is there a particular chapter, page, or passage in Confessions that is particularly outrageous? If so, which? I ask if anyone on The Guardian editorial staff has read Confessions. What does The Guardian find in Confessions that makes of it a text that would be dangerous for students to be exposed to?

I write that I do understand that The Guardian has the legal right to refuse any advertisement submitted to it. We are not speaking of legal issues here, but of cultural issues, those of a free press and a free exchange of ideas. Matters that go to the heart of The University in the West.”

That was a week ago.

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Anonymous said...

You are not interested in the free exchange of ideas, nor are you interested in evidence.

You are only interested in promulgating your own sad view.

It must be embarrassing to be you.