Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas"

David Merlin writes:

One of the lectures to be given at the HETI Conference in Dublin is “Antisemitism, Catholic Traditionalists and the Vatican” by Mark Weitzman, Simon Wiesenthal Center, New York. I think I can guess what he is going to say about those matters, but let’s have a look at what Weitzman testified to the US Commission on Security:

“In Holland, the home of Anne Frank, a ceremony commemorating the Second World War was disrupted by students who chanted ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.’”

Do you believe Weitzman's tale? I don't. What does come to mind are the words "Ugly hate propaganda invented about Arabs/leftist protesters." Search the web. While there is at least one report of these words being used in a street demonstration reported on a Zionist Blog, I will apologize to Dr. Weitzman if you can find this anti-Arab hate propaganda having been reported taking place at the Anne Frank House.

I am waiting for a response on this matter from the Anne Frank House itself. The AF House has not gotten back to me. And it is unclear when Weitzman's testimony was given.

I would guess that the language including "a ceremony commemorating the Second World War" and “at the Anne Frank House" were just nice touches.

What is so brazen in this matter is that:

1. Weitzman gave the testimony as "Director - Task Force Against Hate"
2. to the US Commission on Security.

I believe that this is about the most hateful anti-Arab propaganda on the internet I have seen. I wonder if Weitzman has any evidence for the truth of the tale? And HETI is going to exclude other opinions -- like yours? What is even more amazing is that they have gotten the Foreign Affairs Minister to speak at the same venue.

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