Monday, February 28, 2011

The racist entity that is taking over Israel must be toppled

NOTE: We would like to know what Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman of the ADL and JHate thinks about this story.

Tue, March 01, 2011

By Sefi Rachlevsky

The atrocities in Libya send an unequivocal message to the world: Patriotism lies with democracy, not with the regime.

The wretchedness of the law in the face of Rabbi Dov Lior has many meanings, and Lior's refusal to be interrogated over his support for "The King's Torah - The Laws for Killing Gentiles" - only marginally gets at the heart of the matter.

Thirty years ago, the terrorist organization known as the "Jewish Underground" was set up with the purpose of killing Arabs. The group's head of operations, Menachem Livni - who was convicted on multiple counts of murder before being pardoned by the regime - testified at the time that the living spirit, the initiator, the religious instructor and the coordinator of the murders was Lior.

This was true for the murders the underground carried out, and was also true for the pressure he put on the murderers to blow up buses and their passengers. The law states that someone who dispatches murders should receive multiple life sentences, along with additional time for organizing the crime. But thanks to instruction from higher up, Lior was never imprisoned, put to trial and or even properly interrogated.

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Anonymous said...

Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman is possibly one of the
biggest opponents of the First Amendment
in America today. What is interesting is that
his campaign, including his defamation of
Bradley Smith, seems sponsored by the
Anti-Defamation League.